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This online space is tailored to support Youth Workers, Health & Physical Education teachers, wellbeing staff, counsellors and educators in the delivery of relationships and sexuality education.

We currently have the following #SexEdOnline options available:

  1. Online Video Training: Responding to Porn Culture - access to this video training includes 11 videos, comprehensive notes for each section, and follow up quizzes. Those who complete the training will receive a professional development certificate acknowledging the hours of learning. Available for single users and organisations. Almost as good as actually attending, these videos were filmed during a live full-day workshop. ACCESS via the IQ PROGRAMS WEBSITE TODAY.

  2. #SexEdOnline Closed Facebook Group - This space provides ongoing discussions with other like-minded professionals within a CLOSED Facebook group. This group enables learners to connect, discuss sexuality content, debate concepts, share ideas and encourage one another. NOTE: Approval to join requires mandatory responses to a few simple questions - click here to submit your answers.

  3. NEW IQ PROGRAMS - equipping educators for tricky conversationsIQ PROGRAMS are a whole-school educational package designed to equip kids & youth to confidently navigate hypersexualised culture and other 21st century challenges. COMPASS IQ and AGENCY IQ are signature programs within the IQ package, designed to safeguard kids and youth in the online and physical environments. GROWTH IQ and SUSTAIN IQ focus on personal development, relationships and holistic sexuality education – foundational skills essential for personal and relational wellbeing. EACH IQ PROGRAM contains sequenced units that are comprised of 2-3 lesson clusters. Each unit targets topics in a way that is inclusive, current and age-appropriate. Learn more on the IQ PROGRAMS website.

  4. Superseded IQ PROGRAMS 
    Specifically for organisations who have historically purchased Youth Wellbeing Project IQ PROGRAMS, access via this webpage includes tailored resources for:
    - BODY IQ Level 1 (Years 1/2)
    - BODY IQ Level 3 (Years 5/6)
    - RELATIONSHIP IQ Level 4 (Years 7/8)
    - RELATIONSHIP IQ Level 5 (Years 9/10)

  5. #SexEdOnline Youth Sexual Health Essential Content Guide
    This space covers everything from accessing a local GP, helping young people get a Medicare card, linking with a local STI clinic, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Pregnancy, Sexual Diversity, abuse, respect, consent, pornography, sexualisation and MUCH, MUCH MORE! Accessible for those who have purchased the superseded IQ PROGRAMS - planned for re-release in the future.

For holistic education to counteract hypersexualised culture in your school or community, look no further. We offer support through professional development (both online and face-to-face); comprehensive IQ PROGRAMS for Year 1 - Year 10 students; and training in delivery of those programs. We also provide exceptional presentations for Primary & High schools, professionals and community. For all your relationships and sexuality education needs, please email with your request.

To learn more, we invite you to visit the NEW IQ PROGRAMS and PORN RESILIENT KIDS websites - equipping schools and families for tricky conversations. 

Available courses

Gain skills to build porn-resilience in children & young people through awareness, intervention, proactive education and advocacy. This Online Video Training consists of Professional videos of the 2016 live full day Counteracting Porn Culture workshop. Two options: Single access: login with singer user permission OR Organisation access: login for up to 10 users.


RELATIONSHIP IQ Level 4 logoResources related to RELATIONSHIP IQ Level 4 may be accessed here. These include the PDF of the Facilitator Manual, PDF resource sheets, video links, PowerPoints plus more!

RELATIONSHIP IQ Level 4 logo5Resources related to RELATIONSHIP IQ Level 5 include PDF Facilitator Manual, PDF resource sheets, video links, PowerPoints, student assessments, Interactive PDF Participant Worksheets, the complete Teens Sexuality Parents & Carers Handbook plus more!

Youth Wellbeing Project offers online support to deliver the RELATIONSHIP IQ Level 5 program.

Body IQ Level 1 logo

Resources related to BODY IQ Level 1 may be accessed here. These include the PDF of the Facilitator Manual, PDF resource sheets, video links, PowerPoints plus more!. One username is issued per school.

Body IQ Level 3 logo

Resources related to BODY IQ Level 3 may be accessed here. These include the PDF of the Facilitator Manual, PDF resource sheets, video links, PowerPoints plus more!. One username is issued per school.

Available to licensed users and also for separate purchase, the Youth Sexual Health: Essential Content Guide outlines knowledge of teen sexuality, behaviours, health, wellbeing, and researched components used to develop the Youth Wellbeing Project programs.  This content considers your previous knowledge and experience. You may work through at your own pace according to your learning needs. Looking for more Professional Development? Access our Counteracting Porn Culture Online Video Training or face-to-face Professional Development.