Relationships & Sexuality Education has never been easier
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Enhancing protective behaviours and emotional intelligence by providing targeted resources for Primary Schools

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Enhancing protective behaviours and relationship intelligence by providing targeted resources for High Schools

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Increasing healthy connections by providing foundational concepts & balanced resources for Christian High Schools

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Youth Wellbeing Project provides holistic relationships & sexuality education to enhance children and young people's protective behaviours, quality of relationships and resilience to porn culture. Our programs are based on best practice sexuality education and curriculum standards, and grounded in a whole-person centred approach. Sexuality and sexual health is complex and interwoven, and as such, requires a holistic framework. Using the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) Declaration as a starting point, Liz Walker has developed the Whole-Person Centred Sexuality Education Model to assist students, parents and professionals in identifying the huge range of influences that impact a person's sexual development and decision-making. 





The above diagram shows the Whole-Person centred sexuality education model and is used as a framework for all program development and presentations. Sexuality is far more than just physical, and with healthy boundaries and a positive approach, has the potential to bring joy to a person's life.


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