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  • Accredited PD

    Do you feel undertrained in the area of youth sexual health? Have you noticed how much porn is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e? “Equipping Teens for Healthy Sexuality in a Sexualised Culture” is an accredited PD Workshop Intensive designed for anyone who works with teens.

    Available face-to-face or online, accessible anywhere in the world. Click to learn more.

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  • Equipping Educators

    Are you looking for a sharp effective structure when it comes to getting healthy sexuality education messages to young people?

    Youth Wellbeing Project offers effective solutions for busy educators by bringing professional development for staff, resources for the classroom, student presentations and strategies to connect with parents about sexual development and healthy relationships.

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  • Empowering Parents

    Do you find yourself running to keep up with your teen's rapid growth, changing friendships and shifting emotions? Gen Z teens live in an instant, internet world, completely foreign to our own teenage upbringing.

    Parent workshops, presentations & resources give you strategies for tackling today's tough teen questions. After all, you know your child better than anyone else.
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  • Teenz Support

    "Ask the right questions if you're going to find the right answers" - Vanessa Redgrave

    No matter what stage you’re at, it’s normal to second guess yourself and wonder if you’re making the right decisions. But what if you could have a road map to help you out? A road map that helps you figure out the right choices for you…

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  • Invest in Community

    Do we show the teens in our community that we support them, or do we vilify them? We can only expect great behaviour from our youth if we guide & encourage them.

    There are some great, practical ways that you can help us to make a difference in your community. Click to learn more.

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Youth Wellbeing Project is partnering with The Give Back Campaign to Positively Impact Young People. It's so easy! Such a simple way for your regular spending to create a ripple effect! Learn more and sign up today.